Frigidaire CFPWD15A 15″ Laundry Pedestal


Overview, specifications for Frigidaire CFPWD15A 15″ Laundry Pedestal.


Stop Straining Your Back When You Have the Frigidaire SpaceWise 15″ Laundry Pedestal


The Frigidaire SpaceWise 15″ Laundry Pedestal is available in white, silver, black, blue and red to match your current Frigidaire front-load washing machine and dryers. Enhanced accessibility to the washer and dryer by raising them 15 inches will save your back with less bending over.

This pedestal also features two adjustable divided drawers to organize laundry soaps and dryer sheets. Rethink the way you do laundry and quit straining your back with Frigidaire 15″ Laundry Pedestal.

  • The Frigidaire 15-inch Laundry Pedestal is available in five classic designer colors – white (90092), silver (90093), black (90096), blue (90097) and red (90099)
  • Includes adjustable dividers for easy organization
  • For use with all Frigidaire front load washers and dryers
  • Dimensions: 15 1/4″H x 27″W

Additional information




Height (in.)

15-1/4 in.

Item Weight (lbs.)

55.0 lbs.

Maximum Width (In.)

27 in.

Overall Color


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