Kenmore 1010 6 ft. Snap-Lock™ Flexible Pipe


Overview, specifications for Kenmore 1010 6 ft. Snap-Lock™ Flexible Pipe.


The Kenmore 6 ft. Snap-Lock Flexible Pipe Saves the Day, the Dryer

The Kenmore 6 ft. Snap-Lock Pipe may be 6 feet long, but its flexibility allows 90-degree turns, as long as you have 6 inches of clearance and 1 foot of length. Although you still need a clamp at the dryer and the wall, you don’t need any between parts with the snapping collars on this pipe.

Why should you use a hard pipe when a flexible pipe will allow you to position your dryer exactly where you like? You can easily install this pipe to ventilate dryer exhaust and know it will not easily become dislodged. With a Kenmore Snap-Lock Flexible Pipe, you won’t have to worry about moving your dryer into a tight corner.

  • Three 90-degree turns possible with 6 in. clearance and 1 ft. of length
  • Snapping Collars eliminate need for clamps between parts
  • Easy to install
  • Recommended for a 13’ x 13’ room
  • Dimensions: 4″ diameter x 6 ft. L

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