Asko 916439


Front Load SteelSeal W4114CW 24″ Washer with T411VDW 24″ Electric Dryer Laundry Pair in White (Stacking Kit Included).


Asko 916439 Features

Quattro Construction

The Quattro Construction™ is a unique yet simple system consisting of four shock absorbers that transfer the vibrational energy from the outer drum to the bottom plate of the machine. In fact, the entire construction stands inside the casing achieving maximum spin speeds virtually free of vibrations.

Spin Speed

Highest RPM spin speed means more power, better cleaning, more comfort.

Steel Seal

Eliminating a rubber door seal, which can degrade over time and traps dirt and grime, ensures a more hygienic wash. You will also find loading and unloading easier with the Steel Seal™ door solution. All ASKO washers have this long-lasting door solution.

Washer mode – Normal

Normal mode means no changes to the program. Enough water, energy and time is used to be able to achieve a perfect washing result for normally soiled loads.

Active Drum

The hourglass-shaped and removable lifters guide the load to the gentler central area of the drum and effectively moves large debris, such as dirt and gravel, to the larger holes at the edge of the drum. Active Drum™ is perfectly balanced to ensure the best possible washing and rinsing performance while still ensuring minimal wear on fabrics.

Drying Program – Bedding

For drying large items such as double sheets and duvet covers. This program uses a low temperature, more time and reverse drum movements to prevent the laundry from bundling.

Stainless Steel Drum

Resists rust and helps protect clothes

Anti Crease

This is a useful feature if you cannot take the washing out as soon as the tumble dryer has finished. The function prevents the clothes from remaining in the same position and becoming creased. The drum will rotate for three seconds per minute for two hours once the drying program has finished.

Butterfly Drying System

ASKO dryers tumble the laundry in a figure of eight like a pair is butterfly wings, gently, non-stop and in less time, without the clothes bundling. This also saves both the belt and the motor, giving longer durability

Additional information

Washer Exterior Width




Dryer Venting Type

Stainless Steel Drum

Butterfly Drying System


Washer Capacity

Dryer Capacity

Dryer Dry Cycles

Washer Type

Spin Speed

Dryer Drum Material

Washer Wash Cycles

Washer Drum Material

Quattro Construction

Steel Seal

Active Drum


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