Asko T208VW


Classic Series 24 Inch Electric Dryer with 4.1 cu. ft. Capacity, 9 Dry Cycles, Stainless Steel Drum, Butterfly Drying System in White.


Asko T208VW Overview

The 24″; Front Load Classic Vented Dryer from Asko will be the only dryer you need. The unit features 4.1 cu. ft. Capacity, Soft Drum Technology, 65 dBA Noise Level, and 9 Programs.


Soft Drum™
A Soft Drum™ made of stainless steel. High quality dryers from ASKO made of stainless steel will last longer. Soft Drum™ is a solution developed to enhance air flow around the load, thereby increasing the drying effect. The circular indentations with bevelled edges also have a cushioning effect that reduces wear and tear on fabrics. The new drum design allows for even and gentle drying with both small and large loads.

Butterfly Drying
ASKO dryers with Butterfly Drying prevents bundling and minimizes creasing your clothes. One common pain point that they would often hear about other dryers is after the completion of a cycle, a user would return to find their clothes bundled up and creased. They have solved this problem by creating a unique solution that they call Butterfly drying. The two paddles inside the machine gently push the clothing in a figure of eight, to spread the garments out and allow air to evenly circulate through them. This prevents bundling and minimizes creasing in your clothes.

Drying Program – Bedding
ASKO tumble dryers with Bedding program. For drying large items such as double sheets and duvet covers. This program uses a low temperature, more time and reverse drum movements to prevent the laundry from bundling.

Drying Program– Quick Pro
ASKO dryers with Quick Pro program. With this program you can get your wash completely dry in under an hour.

ASKO Tumble Dryers Features – Maximum Gentleness For Your Laundry.
ASKO tumble dryers comes with many smart and effective features ASKO tumble dryers features provides maximum gentleness for your laundry. In the work to develop their latest dryers they met with many users. These meetings became small narratives with different views, ideas and wishes. Asko learned a lot and started developing a new generation of dryers with a great many improvements and solutions. Here they have collected some of the most common concerns and how they try to resolve them.

Lint Trap
With the easy to use Lint Trap and the patent pending Front Filter you protect the condenser and rest of the tumble dryer from lint.

9 Programs:

  • Auto dry
  • Auto extra dry
  • Auto iron dry
  • Auto normal dry
  • Auto synthetics
  • Time program
  • Airing
  • Bedding
  • Quick pro

5 Options:

  • Dryness level setting
  • Low temperature option
  • Anti crease
  • Delayed start
  • Load amount setting


  • Long lasting stainless steel drum
  • Brushless (induction)
  • Energy-saving electric heater
  • Drying Sensor
  • Heater capacity: 3000 W
  • Butterfly drying system

Additional Features:

  • Lockable control panel
  • Condensed water tank
  • Auto programs
  • Humidity sensor
  • End of Program Signal
  • Overheat protection
  • Thermal and electonic protection against overheating
  • Program memory
  • LCD display

Warranty: Limited 2 Year Parts and Labor

*Note: Stack kit included

Asko T208VW Features

Drying Program – Bedding

For drying large items such as double sheets and duvet covers. This program uses a low temperature, more time and reverse drum movements to prevent the laundry from bundling.

Stainless Steel Drum

Resists rust and helps protect clothes

Anti Crease

This is a useful feature if you cannot take the washing out as soon as the tumble dryer has finished. The function prevents the clothes from remaining in the same position and becoming creased. The drum will rotate for three seconds per minute for two hours once the drying program has finished.

Butterfly Drying System

ASKO dryers tumble the laundry in a figure of eight like a pair is butterfly wings, gently, non-stop and in less time, without the clothes bundling. This also saves both the belt and the motor, giving longer durability

Additional information

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Condensing Drying


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Payment System

Drum Material

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Stainless Steel Drum

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Butterfly Drying System

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