Builder’s Best Wall Offset Elbow, Male


Overview, specifications for Builder’s Best Wall Offset Elbow, Male.


The Builder’s Best Male Wall Offset Elbow is an Easy Solution To Your Dryer Installation Problems

The Male Wall Offset Elbow provides a simple way to install your dryer. If you need to make a 90-degree turn but can’t trim the wall pipe, this is the item you need. With it in place, you can rest assured that your dryer will work as it is supposed to work.

This is a bulk package and comes with everything you need to install the Male Wall Offset Elbow. It includes one male rotating snap-lock fit and one female snap-lock fit. For individual items, see item 02698383000

  • Discover an easy way to connect your dryer to the wall pipe with the Male Wall Offset Elbow
  • This complete package comes with everything you need to install the elbow properly
  • It turns 90-degrees within 4 inches so it can fit in tight quarters
  • One male rotating snap-lock fitting and one female snap-lock fitting for secure placement on both ends
  • 4-inch diameter aluminum fittings can be placed securely

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