Continental Washer 75/80LB Capacity L1075CM21310


Overview, specifications for Continental Washer 75/80LB Capacity L1075CM21310. You can rent or buy this appliance for laundry.


Continental commercial laundry products are meticulously engineered to boost productivity, reduce utilities, and maximize profits with unmatched speed. The Continental washer offers heavy-duty performance. The side, top and front panels are made from AISI-304 stainless steel as are the washers outer and inner drums, for resisting corrosion and guaranteeing longevity. High-quality construction ensures 360o sealing around the entire door with a well-built door bar that shields the front end from external factors, including carts or laundry baskets. The durable bearing housing is manufactured to withstand the requirements of multi-cycle use, and the easily accessible mounting holes allow machines to be installed. They can be fitted closely together to maximize floor space as well as minimize installation costs. The Continental washer boasts double Forsheda water seals for added bearing protection. The flexible ducts and hoses of the Polypropylene dispensers are durable and will last a long time, even with repeated exposure to chemicals and other substances, as they are made using ethylene-propylene. Energy Efficient -The advanced drive system of the Continental washer provides a superlative wash performance with energy savings. The premise laundry washer-extractor is exceptional for long-term use and offer multiple cycles to cater to specific load requirements. The washer also minimizes the water usage during laundry, as the machine can be easily programmed on the economy cycle. Temperature- The Continental washer offers topnotch energy control, regardless of the temperature settings of the washer. This means that you can optimize and customize the washer to maximize savings and boost your profits. User Friendly- The machine is easy to maintain and operate and features a self-cleaning, four-compartment dispenser for liquids and powders as well as factory-fitted liquid feed detergent inlets. Servicing is easy due to easy access to moving parts without the need for lubrication. Final Word- Continental is known for manufacturing unique freestanding vended laundry washers and complementing commercial dryers that guarantees professional washing a convenient procedure. The Continental washer delivers efficiency flexibility and long-term performance, making it a safe purchase for your heavy-duty laundry needs.

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