Dexter Stack Dryer 30LB(x2) Capacity DL2X30


Overview, specifications for Dexter Stack Dryer 30LB(x2) Capacity DL2X30. You can rent or buy this appliance for laundry.


For over a century, Dexter has been improving the washing and drying experience by manufacturing high quality, best in the industry, commercial level dryers and washers. The company proudly shares its mission of enhancing the laundry experience by taking it to another level. As the tedious task of drying extra-large loads and bedding can be a time-consuming chore, it may be one of the most important components of your business. Dexter stack dryers are produced to perform at their best even in the harshest laundry environments. Having intuitive controls, these efficient dryers are built to make laundry hassle-free and convenient. If your business depends on performance, purchasing the right equipment is crucial. The Dexter stack dryer provides you the convenience, flexibility and durability you require for a top-notch performance. Features Regardless of the Dexter dryer you select, you will receive lifetime technical support. Every dryer they produce is an investment worth every penny. Durable The dryers are fully welded and come with painted cabinets to last a lifetime, with little maintenance. Utilizing the latest washer-style technology, welded steel spider systems sustain the tumbler from the rear and abolish the need for front support rollers. Tumbler baffles are tough and stable for providing incredible tumbling action. Efficient With a balanced radial airflow, the perforated tumblers with adequate amount of air recirculation offer maximum efficiency, which also helps prevent markings on the rear of the drum. The presence of an energy efficient motor minimizes electrical usage, helping you save thousands of dollars over the life of the dryer. Installation With a single location for venting, gas and electrical connections, Dexter stack dryers are convenient to maintain and install. Stack dryers offer you the power of two dryers in a single space. Flexible The Dexter stack dryer controls come with adjustable settings and customizable cycles to give you the flexibility and power you are looking for. Propane kits are available.The drying equipment is bigger and loads are even bigger. This makes the entire washing and drying experience quite intimidating. Drying these bigger loads is never easy. The Dexter stack dryer adds capacity to your vended laundry even if you have limited space for your laundry operation. The machine performs at its peak and is a great investment.

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120v/60Hz/1 Phase

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