Fisher Paykel 916446


Front Load Compact WH2424F1 24″ Washer with DE4024P1 24″ Electric Dryer and DK62 Stacking Kit Compact Laundry Pair in White.


Fisher Paykel 916446 Features

SmartDrive Wash

It takes a lot of brainpower to make things really simple. That, in a sentence, is the essence of SmartDrive�. Traditional washing machines are made up of many moving parts. Their complexity also means there`s a lot that can go wrong with them. The unique brushless DC motor acts as both a wash pump and a drain pump for less moving parts and greater reliability.

SmartTouch Laundry Controls

The SmartTouch™ control panel is your interface with the SmartDrive™ technology. It allows you to see at a glance exactly which of the 12 pre-programmed cycles you have selected from. As you turn it the icons illuminate to show you exactly what you have s

Condensing Technology

Removes water from the dryer into a tank or drain. This reduces moisture and allergens released into your laundry, compared with a front venting dryer. A healthier choice for allergy sufferers.

Time Saver Option

The Time Saver option activates a special temperature profile and unique tumble sequence to speed things up when you are in a rush.

Drying Rack

Some items are too precious to tumble dry so a drying rack is provided to offer a gentle drying option.

Eco-Active Wash

Eco-Active™ boosts soil removal while saving energy. Its unique pumping technology re-circulates water and detergent through the clothes in a cascade like pattern. This rapidly removes stains and dirt and is proven to be more effective at killing bacteria

Add a Garment

Missed an item from your wash? Add a Garment function allows you to pause your wash cycle, open the door and add or remove items, then carry on washing.

Fabric Care for Driers

Auto-sensing function cleverly senses the moisture level in the drum and stops the cycle automatically. This prevents your clothes from under or over drying and helps them last longer.

Gentle Tumble with Stainless Steel Drum

The stainless steel drum has been uniquely designed to gently tumble dry your clothing and help prevent lint from occurring.

Anti Vibration

Clever geometric designs on the side of your dryer and insulation inside the drum help to minimize the vibrations when in operation, keeping your dryer nice and quiet.

Drum Clean

The Drum Clean cycle flushes out the drum minimizing the chance of unwanted smells developing. A handy reminder to activate the Drum Clean function occurs after every 100 wash cycles.

Energy Star

Saves Energy. Saves You a Few Bucks. And Saves the Environment. Making it a shoe-in for the Energy Star Qualified badge.

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Condensing Drying


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ADA Compliant

Washer Agitator

Drying Rack

Anti Vibration

SmartTouch Laundry Controls


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Washer Drum Material

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Eco-Active Wash

SmartDrive Technology


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