Iron-A-Way UD42NDU


15 Inch Built-In Ironing Center with Hot Iron Storage, 42 Inch Ironing Board Size, Adjustable Swivel, Hot Iron Rest in White.


Iron-A-Way UD42NDU Overview

UD42NDU 15″; Ironing Center comes with a 42″; ventillated metal board that allows steam to pass through the fabric when ironing to keep the surface dry. It have a hot iron storage that allows you to put your iron on it and prevent child reaching for it so they won't get hurt. It also have another shelve for storage where you can keep your ironing aid in one location.


42″; Ventilated Metal Board
Our metal ventilated board allows steam to pass through the fabric keeping the surface dryer and providing a more even-heated ironing surface

Hot Iron Storage
Not only is it convenient to store your iron inside the unit, but the location keeps the iron out of children’s reach

Storage Shelves
A storage that keeps all your ironing aid in one handy location

Electrical Cord Wrap with Restraint
These features allow for only the amount of cord required to iron by using the electrical cord cover or wrap. You can easily guide the iron and eliminate the excess cord from getting in your way.

Iron-A-Way UD42NDU Features

Ventilated Metal Board

The metal ventilated board allows steam to pass through the fabric keeping the surface dryer and providing a more even-heated ironing surface.

Adjustable Swivel

A swivel board allows for a 90 degree left/right turn of the board creating the flexibility that may be necessary in confined areas. It can also extend out of the cabinet so you can now access the back of the board and iron off it.

60 Minute Timer

Set the dial to the desired time and the power shuts off automatically once the time has expired. If you’re called away, just place your hot iron into the hot iron storage and lift the board into the upright position, the electrical safety switch disconnects power instantly. On/Off indicator will let you know the power is on.

Hot Iron Storage

Store your iron inside the unit and keep it out of children`s reach with the hot iron storage. The insulated heat shield allows for immediate shelving so you don`t have to let your iron cool down first. The storage area is designed to accept the majority of steam/dry irons available at retail, including many premium models.

Storage Shelf

Storage is not a problem with our ironing centers! Keep all your ironing aids in one handy location!

Hot Iron Rest

No place to leave your iron when moving or turning your garment? Place the iron in this handy heat resistant iron rest. This allows for more useable space on the ironing board while making your garment adjustments.

Built-in Spotlight

Create a bright and easy-to see environment with the spotlight. When ironing garments in insufficiently lighted areas, the spotlight will enhance your ability to iron out those sometimes not found hard to spot creases and crevices.

Additional information

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ADA Compliant

Iron Rest

Accepts Panels

Ironing Board Size

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Cutout Width

Internal Power Socket

Adjustable Swivel

Hot Iron Rest

Sabbath Mode

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