Kenmore 41563 4.5 cu. ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer w/ Accela Wash® & Steam – Metallic Silver


Overview, specifications for Kenmore 41563 4.5 cu. ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer w/ Accela Wash® & Steam – Metallic Silver.


<p><strong>Steam Cycle Enhances Stain Removal</strong></p> <p>From work clothes to bedding and delicate items, your clothes will get the care they need with the metallic silver Kenmore 4.5 cu. ft. front load washer. Features like Accela Wash&reg; and Steam Treat let you quickly and gently finish laundry day on your own terms so you can get back to your day. Spend less time doing laundry and more time with your family, thanks to this Kenmore washer.</p>
<p><b>Steam Out Those Stains<br /> </b>Steam Treat&reg; tackles stains with the deep cleaning power of steam*.</p> <p><b>More Loads in Less Time<br /> </b>Accela-Wash&reg; technology saves time by cleaning full-sized loads in as little as 29 minutes**.</p> <p><b>One-Size-Fits-All Washing is a Thing of the Past<br /> </b>Smart Motion&reg; blends up to 6 different wash motions, providing customized care and cleaning.</p> <p><b>Fast, Efficient Rinsing<br /> </b>Active Rinse&trade; provides fast, effective rinsing during high spin speeds.</p> <p><b>Smart Technology Makes Life Easier<br /> </b>At home or on the go, the Kenmore Smart app lets you monitor the laundry from your&nbsp;smartphone,&nbsp;and Kenmore Smart Skill works with Amazon Alexa.</p> <p><b>Handles Extra Large Loads<br /> </b>4.5 cu. ft. capacity cleans an entire queen-size bed set in one load***!</p> <p><b>Handles Big, Bulky Loads<br /> </b>Spacious capacity washes everything from XL loads and bulky comforters to a mountain of towels.</p> <p><b>Save Energy and Money<br /> </b>Save Energy+ helps save up to 30% more energy, when compared to Normal cycle alone&dagger;.</p> <p><b>Active Wear Gets a Wash Workout<br /> </b>Workout Wear cares for high-tech fabrics by using cooler temperatures and gentle wash motions.</p> <p><b>Handles Kid’s Messes<br /> </b>Kids Wear tackles everyday dirt with special wash actions and higher temperatures.</p> <p><b>Get Your Whitest Whites<br /> </b>Whitest Whites manages bleach dispensing and water temperatures to keep whites looking their best.</p> <p><b>Just as Clean with Cold Water<br /> </b>Cold Clean&reg; cycle uses 55% less energy than Normal cycle, saving energy and money&dagger;.</p> <p><b>A Real Time Saver<br /> </b>When you don’t have time to wait, Express Wash cleans a small load in less than 30 minutes.</p> <p><b>Keeps Loads Fresh Till They’re Ready for the Dryer<br /> </b>Stay Fresh&reg; is great for families on the go, allowing you to transfer clothes on your own schedule.</p> <p><b>A Fresh Smelling Washer<br /> </b>The AirFlow&trade; Doorstop props the door open to help keep the washer fresh between loads.</p> <p><b>Keep Your Washer Clean &amp; Fresh<br /> </b>The Clean Washer cycle thoroughly cleans the drum and gaskets, keeping musty smells away.</p> <p><b>Wash Bulky Bedding with Ease<br /> </b>The Bulky/Comforter cycle uses extra hot water and a blend of wash motions to get bulky bedding clean.</p> <p><b>Gentle Care for Your Delicates<br /> </b>Delicates cycle uses gentle wash motions and cool water to clean special fabrics with care.</p> <p><b>Add Items When You Need To<br /> </b>The Add Garments feature lets you add last-minute items, even after the cycle has already started.</p> <p><b>Lost and Found<br /> </b>The catch compartment protects the pump from small items and it opens easily to retrieve lost items.</p> <p><b>Less Bending with Convenient Storage<br /> </b>Pedestal Drawers store laundry products and raise the washer and dryer up to a convenient height.</p> <p>*Based on 4 common stains placed on XL, 100% cotton t-shirts, Heavy Duty cycle with Steam Treat&reg; option<br /> **With Accela Wash&reg; feature activated washing a 10 lb. load on Normal cycle, default settings<br /> ***Based on a queen-size comforter, 2 sheets and 2 pillowcases<br /> &dagger;Compared to default Normal cycle using an 8-lb. load</p>

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