Maytag Commercial 850589


Top Load MAT20PRAWW 27″ Washer with Front Load MDG20PRAWW 27″ Gas Dryer Commercial Laundry Pair in White.


Maytag Commercial 850589 Features

Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology

Puts owners in charge of their profits,
and provides wash-cycle flexibility to
end users. Simple, step-by-step customized
set-up allows each cycle to be
priced individually.

Extra-Large Capacity

Large capacity allows for large loads to be dried effectively and efficiently, providing optimal drying experience maximizes
facility productivity.

Heavy-Duty Removable Front Panel

Strength matters in a commercial cabinet, but so does accessibility. Built from extra-strength galvanized steel, the heavy-duty front panel is robust and easy to remove for streamlined maintenance and minimized downtime. Mounting clips and a support bracket make removal and replacement fast, providing technicians easy access to internal components.

Front Access Panel

Easy to remove, streamlining service
by providing fast access to internal

Traditional Flex-Vane Agitator

Provides four distinct wash profiles—from aggressive to gentle—designed to pull clothes from the top to the bottom of the wash basket.

1/2-HP PSC Motor

The powerful 1/2-HP PSC motor helps the top-load washer tackle heavy loads with ease. By alternating between long and short strokes, it generates extensive deep-cleaning action that gives clothes a thorough wash. Engineered for reliability, it’s designed to deliver consistent performance time after time.

Easy-Access Steel Base

A strong machine means a durable machine, and that starts from the ground up. Manufactured from thick-gauge galvanized steel, the heavy-duty base provides a sturdy structure to help anchor the machine solidly to the ground. It’s designed with an opening that provides easy access to the motor, drive system, and pump, making service trips quick and efficient.

Four Roller Suspension with Permanently Lubraicated Bearings

Designed to provide consistent and dependable drying, cycle after cycle.

Extra-Large Reversible Door

Provides users unhindered access while loading and unloading clothes. Offers convenience and optimal flexibility for a given space.

Built with American Pride

Designed, enginered and assembled in the U.S.A. Appliances that are high-performing, more accessible, and more innovative than ever.

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