Miele B3847


18.5 Inch Ironing Center with Honeycomb Iron Soleplate, Active Ironing Table, Steamer in White.


Miele B3847 Overview

13384721USA Ironing System FashionMaster B384 a perfect unit for ironing your clothes to keep then nice and neat. It can be folded and easily to move around with provided wheel that's attached to the bottom. It also included a steamer within that be connected to the unit.


  • Uniform steam distribution – Miele honeycomb soleplate
  • Professional ironing results due to 4.0 bar steam pressure
  • Convenient set-up/storage –1-2 lift system
  • Perfect ironing with support of the active ironing board​​​​​
  • Convenient smoothing of hanging garments – Steamer

Miele B3847 Features

Honeycomb Iron Soleplate

The steam on honeycomb surface helps the iron glide smoothly and effectively over the laundry.


Stay rid of your suit, blazer, evening gown or steamer curtains with unsightly creases and wrinkles. It only weighs half as much as the iron but uses the same amount of steam and Steam pressure. The brush fitting raises the textile fibers and keeps a distance from the garment. The steamer can also be used to save space when folding up the FashionMaster.

Active Ironing Table

Inflation and suction function ensures best use of steam and ideal positioning of clothing.


4 bar steam pressure and 3.5 oz/min constant steam for professional ironing results.

1-2 Lift System

Two steps, zero effort! Ready to start in seconds thanks to the patented2 1-2 lift system.

Additional information







Iron Rest

Accepts Panels

Honeycomb Iron Soleplate

Active Ironing Table



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