Speed Queen Washer 25LB Capacity EX32516002T


Overview, specifications for Speed Queen Washer 25LB Capacity EX32516002T. You can rent or buy this appliance for laundry.


Manufactured and refined in the US for more than a century, Speed Queen offers proven performance and innovative technology which promise to deliver more than what clients expect. Taking your laundry experience to the next level, Speed Queen, with its diverse range of products, has made the once exhausting and boring chore fun and easy. The washer is a stainless steel, front load washer. It comes with a commendable combination of technology and durability so users can enjoy peace of mind for the longest time. Built to provide long-lasting and exceptional washing results, the washer is balanced perfectly to minimize noise and vibrations, making you feel you are not even doing laundry. Durability and cutting-edge technology are two of the many qualities that a Speed Queen washer offers. Lets look at other features that make this product a totally worthwhile investment. Thoroughly-Tested Electronic Controls – A majority of dryers and washers these days come equipped with touch Panel controls. High technology coupled with extreme-tested electronic controls makes washer stand up to severe temperature, moisture, power surges and vibration. All you need to do is push those buttons. The rest is excellently taken care of. Washability – Speed Queen, with its continuous focus on enhancing users laundry experience, has come up with features, such as perfect tumble rhythms and patent-pending baffles, which ideally pick up your laundry and flow water throughout the whole load, and delivering the best possible results. Ease of Use -The mechanical controls of a Speed Queen washer do not come with redundant complexities and are therefore fairly easy to use. They are also designed in a way that ensures a reliable performance. Built in a way that satisfies you for the longest period of time, the Speed Queen washer is an investment worth making. Whether you are an individual or a laundry business, this washing machine has the capacity to satisfy your needs, regardless of its enormity. Since it is of a practical size, and doesnt weigh that much, the Speed Queen washer is a great option for both small and large premises.

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Electrical Requirements

208-240v/60Hz/3 Phase

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