Wascomat Washer 75/80LB Capacity SU675


Overview, specifications for Wascomat Washer 75/80LB Capacity SU675. You can rent or buy this appliance for laundry.


Looking for a Wascomat commercial laundry washing machine to cut costs and help your business to grow? We offer a wide range of Wascomat washers from old to latest models. All machines come with riveted steel constructed frames. Being light-weight, the joints and materials are tough to sustain tough laundry conditions. Continuing its impressive history, Wascomat Commercial coin-operated washing machines combine functionality with style. The washers have features designed to save valuable costs for long-term efficiency. Wascomat washers are built to get the job done and ensure long-term use. Wascomat commercial coin laundry washers are manufactured to perform by conserving water and energy and can easily be operated with the help of intuitive features for a hassle-free washing experience. Wascomat washers merge reliability with inventive features and easy programmability. Wascomat washers boost your profits, lower labor costs and make laundry a trouble-free experience with the help of innovative features. With Wascomat washers, you get affordability and convenience to upgrade your laundry operations. Wascomat washers are extremely beneficial for anyone who wishes to start a new coin laundry business or wants to replace existing machines to upgrade his business performance. Wascomat washers present the industry’s greatest return on investment by offering savings in energy and water consumption with lower costs. Engineered to last for the long run, parts for Wascomat washers are interchangeable with other Wascomat machines. This means your machine can be upgraded throughout its life without any hassle. If you are looking for a laundry washer with unbeatable washing results, choose from the various styles and sizes of Wascomat washers. By purchasing a Wascomat washer, you invest in the future of your business to yield maximum profits. Owing to their excellent features, users can select the programs that suit their needs. Adjust wash programs for striking the perfect balance between energy and water consumption. Front-loading commercial washers are available. Browse through several models of Wascomat washers and choose the size and model that best suits your washing requirements. As you save on energy, you are able to reduce significant costs. If an endless heavy load of laundry is an everyday requirement of your business or you want to establish a commercial laundry business, purchasing a Wascomat washer enables you to get your laundry done with ease. Delicate and heavy load fabrics are better protected with spotless cleaning.

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Electrical Requirements

208-240v/60Hz/1 Phase