Whirlpool 373163


Top Load Delicate Cycle WTW5000DW 28″ Washer with Front Load WGD5000DW 29″ Gas Dryer Laundry Pair in White.


Whirlpool 373163 Features

Low-Profile Impeller

Our new low-profile impeller helps give clothes a thorough yet gentle clean. It features a seamless surface and unique fins to drive clothes from the outer rim to the center of the wash basket, where the deepest cleaning happens.

Deep Water Wash Cycle

Take on dirt with the Deep Water Wash cycle that helps break down loose soils using more water and thorough cleaning so stains don`t stick around.

Wrinkle Shield Plus Option

Help keep wrinkles from setting into your clean clothes for up to 150 minutes. These models use the added benefit of steam for even better wrinkle-fighting performance.


Get an even dry in one try with the AccuDry™ sensor drying system. It measures moisture and temperature levels to help reduce damage caused by overdrying and automatically stops the cycle when the load is dry.

Smooth Wave Stainless Steel Wash Basket

The Smooth Wave stainless steel wash basket gently guides clothes and helps protect fabrics from fraying and snags.

Additional information

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ADA Compliant

Wrinkle Shield Plus Option


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