Blomberg WM72200W


24 Inch Compact Front Load Washer with 1.95 cu. ft. Capacity, 15 Wash Cycles, 1200 RPM, Energy Star, Woolmark Apparel Care Certified in White.


Blomberg WM72200W Overview

This 24″; compact front load washer by Blomberg comes with 1.95 cu. ft. capacity and also features 1200 RPM maximum speed, up to 19 hour delay time, stainless steel drum, automatic water adjustment system, overflow safety, 15 programs, optimal inverter technology, Woolmark Apparel Care certified and is Energy Star.


Compact Laundry
Blomberg knows an upscale urban lifestyle often puts space at a premium, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing style or superior performance. Our 24-inch compact washers and dryers fit in perfectly, offering flexibility and freedom in installation (matching dryer includes an optional stacking kit), plus all the functionality and finesse required for expert clothing care. Despite their compact size, this washer deftly handles 1.95 cu. ft. of laundry while the dryer dries 3.7 cu. ft. loads—both with a variety of cycles for different fabrics.

In Harmony with Nature
Commitment to living consciously should extend to clothing care, so Blomberg brings intelligent energy and water conservation to the laundry room. All our washers are ENERGY STAR® certified and offer automatic water adjustment for each load. Thoughtful design and engineering is what earned Blomberg the ENERGY STAR® 2019 Partner of the Year Award.

Quick Wash
When time is of the essence, Blomberg offers a super-fast cleaning cycle for small loads of lightly soiled or unstained clothes or items you’ve only worn once.

Electronic Controls
Blomberg believes laundry care should be elegantly simple. Their ergonomically positioned, fully electronic LCD digital controls are especially user-friendly. The control panel helps you by suggesting the correct settings for getting the very best results. Then simply press “start” and go.

Liquid Detergent Compartment
Blomberg’s washing machines are state-of-the-art and fully in tune with the way laundry gets done now. The easy-to-use liquid detergent compartment is right in step with delivering the best washing conditions for today’s different kinds of fabrics.

15 Programs

  • Cotton / Normal
  • Perm Press
  • Heavy Duty
  • Mixed Fabric
  • Allergen
  • Rinse
  • Spin + Drain
  • Tub Sanitize
  • Hand Wash / Wool
  • Down Wear
  • CoolClean
  • Delicates / Dark
  • Sportswear
  • Organic Wash
  • Quick Wash

Blomberg WM72200W Features

Quick Wash

Get super-fast cleaning cycle when time is limited.

Stainless Steel Drum

Smooth, durable interior is rust-proof and won`t snag clothes.

Liquid Detergent Compartment

Easy to use compartment for you to set the best washing conditions for different kinds of fabric.

Woolmark Apparel Care Certified

Wash your woollens with confidence, as washing machines are now on the market that enable consumers to wash wool clothes without the fear they will felt and shrink. This seal of approval will give consumers confidence that laundry products are ideally suited to the job of caring for wool products.

Energy Star

Saves Energy. Saves You a Few Bucks. And Saves the Environment. Making it a shoe-in for the Energy Star Qualified badge.

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Exterior Width











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Stacking Kit




Drum Material

Leveling Legs


Wash Cycles

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