Miele PDR908HPSS


Little Giants Series 24 Inch Smart Electric Dryer with 18 lbs. Capacity, Wi-Fi Enabled, Energy Star Certified, WiFiConn@ct, Energy Star, Honeycomb Dryer Drum, Short Program Cycles, PerfectDry System, Low Consumption Values, M Touch Flex Controls, Easy to Understand, Even Drying Results, Delay Start , Countdown Indicator, Drum Lighting, Low-Maintenance, Patented Condensate Drainage, Programmable Controls, Wrinkle-free, SoftLift Drum Ribs, Practical Fluff Filter, Gentle Tumble Function in Stainless Steel.


Miele PDR908HPSS Overview

The PDR908HP 24″; Little Giants Dryer by Miele comes featured with 18 lb Capacity, M Touch Flex User Interface, Ventless Heat Pump, Miele@Mobile Wifi Connect and is FragranceDos Capable.


40 Years of unmatched quality.
Miele’s all-new Little Giants laundry system is the perfect solution for those who require a little more than just a laundry machine. The larger drum size now fits up to 18 lbs. capacity, matched with faster cycle times means that you can get more done in less time! Now featuring a button-free interface, the touch screen helps you to easily navigate and select the perfect wash program. As always, the Little Giants system provides a superior hygienic clean. In addition, the patented Honeycomb™ Drum cradles garments and fabrics while washing, ensuring a gentle and thorough clean.

Miele Professional. Immer Besser.
German engineered with high performance heater elements, intelligent water intake controls and short cycle times, the Little Giants are the ultimate solution for high throughput laundry demands.

Trust the experts.
Miele Professional leads the way in the development of innovative technology and meets the highest demands in washing, dishwashing, cleaning and disinfection in industrial and residential applications. Providing outstanding speed, capacity, and performance, Miele is the definitive source for precision cleaning equipment.

Little Giants Dryer at a glance:

  • M Touch Flex user interface (no buttons or dials)
  • Heatpump dryer technology
  • 130 l drum size (18 lb. capacity)
  • 35 customizable programs; 5 customizeable
  • Dryer rated Energy Star Most Efficient
  • FragranceDos capable
  • Miele@Mobile Wifi Connect
  • Dryer featuring 4D filtration system
  • Stackable or Side-by-Side configuration

Suitable For

  • The Hotel and Catering Industry
  • Retirement and Care Homes
  • Launderettes
  • Residential Homes and Apartments
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Commercial Laundries
  • Small Businesses
  • Universities, Nurseries, and Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Camp Sites
  • Sports Clubs
  • Beauty salons, Spas, and Fitness Centers
  • doctors and Dentist's Practices
  • The Petrochemical Industry
  • The Food-Processing Industry
  • Amusement Parks and Holiday Complexes
  • Public/Community Care Facilities

Miele PDR908HPSS Features


With WiFiConn@ct you can conveniently connect your Miele appliance to the internet via a WLAN router. Use your smartphone or PC tablet to take advantage of many benefits. Call up an appliance status whilst at home or when out and about, read notifications such as the requirement to replenish the detergent, use the Miele online shop to place orders. To do this you need the Miele@mobile app, which you can download for free via Google Play or the App Store.

Honeycomb Dryer Drum

Gentle care due to unique honeycomb drum structure: The honeycomb drum with its sculptured honeycomb structure creates an air cushion between the drum wall and the laundry. Cushioning the laundry in this way ensures gentle fabric care for perfect drying results and a perfect laundry finish.

M Touch Flex Controls

The benchmark for modern user convenience: The full-touch controls with color display provides quick, intuitive machine operation. You can select the required program from your favorites or from all available programs easily with a tap or a swipe. All information is displayed in the local language, with 32 languages to choose from.

Short Program Cycles

Quick and efficient: Premium commercial technology allows you to benefit from the shortest program cycles.

Low Consumption Values

Economical and efficient: Miele Professional commercial laundry appliances are impressive with very low consumption values and are known for maximum efficiency. This standard is applied right from the product development stage. Save money and be environmentally friendly.


If you cannot remove your laundry immediately after the program has finished, anti-crease action ensures that the laundry is loosened at regular intervals and does not crease. Moist laundry items are dried with incredibly few wrinkles and are noticeably smoother.

Heat-pump Technology

Tumble dryers with heat pumps are known predominantly for their energy efficiency. They dry your laundry especially economically. But the low temperatures of the heat-pump technology also protect the high-quality fibers of your laundry. This allows you to dry delicate textiles with convenience.

Patented Condensate Drainage

Exclusive to Miele: Simple drainage of condensed water. All Little Giants Heat-Pump Dryers from Miele Professional feature integrated condensate drainage with a hose tidy.

Special Drying Basket

The drying basket allows particularly gentle drying of delicate special and synthetic textiles. It can also be used, for example, for drying trainers without mechanical action. When needed, the basket can be placed into the drum with one easy movement.

Axial Airflow

The highly efficient axial airflow system and tight construction results in extremely low energy usage and faster dry times.

SoftLift Drum Ribs

Even air distribution: The SoftLift drum ribs allow laundry to be dried gently and evenly.

PerfectDry System

Precision drying results are achieved with the patented Miele PerfectDry system.

Even Drying Results

Intelligent dryers: Two separate motors for the drum and fan ensure that the airflow does not get interrupted in this process and thereby create the conditions for laundry that is evenly and gently dried, as well as being crease-free.

Drum Lighting

Fitting with interior lighting to illuminate the drum, so that garments are not overlooked when unloading.

Easy to Understand

Using the flag symbol, you can select 32 languages with ease at any stage of operation. All the information is then displayed in the selected language. This enables operating errors to be prevented, and different users who speak different languages will quickly be able to use the machine.


Low-maintenance heat exchanger filter system: Easy access, easy to clean. An effective filter system protects the heat exchanger from dust particles.

Excellent Durability

The professional technology ensures excellent reliability and durability for daily work routine.

Practical Fluff Filter

The filter surface in the door is particularly easy to clean. The positioning ensures easy access.

Gentle Tumble Function

For particularly sensitive textiles the “Gentle+” function of the dryer can be activated. This will also reduce the mechanical action during the drying process.

Delay Start

Laundry care according to schedule: This is of particular advantage, for instance if the program cycle is supposed to end at the beginning of a new work week.

Countdown Indicator

After the program has started, the display shows the cycle time remaining.

Programmable Controls

Increased Versatility: This allows specific laundry requirements to be catered for perfectly. Customized Program can be created and saved. Existing programs can also be adapted to suit the wash parameters.

Communication Slot

The communication shaft enables data exchange with the machine environment via the communication module.

Connection of Payment System

Optimum use in self-service areas is possible thanks to the connection for payment systems.

Washer-Dryer Stack

High performance in the smallest space: Installation as washer-dryer stack requires less than 0.5 square meters floor space.

Perfectly Designed Accessories

A wide range of accessories: Consistently perfect work processes and efficiency with a large selection of practical accessories.

Energy Star

Saves Energy. Saves You a Few Bucks. And Saves the Environment. Making it a shoe-in for the Energy Star Qualified badge.

Additional information

Exterior Width














Fuel Type










Smart Appliance




Works with Brand Specific App


Condensing Drying


Honeycomb Dryer Drum

Short Program Cycles

PerfectDry System

Low Consumption Values

M Touch Flex Controls

Easy to Understand

Even Drying Results

Delay Start

Countdown Indicator

Drum Lighting


Patented Condensate Drainage

Programmable Controls

SoftLift Drum Ribs

Practical Fluff Filter

Gentle Tumble Function

Control Type


Stacking Kit

Venting Type




ADA Compliant

Wrinkle Care Cycle


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