Speed Queen Stack Dryer 30LB(x2) Capacity ST0300DRG


Overview, specifications for Speed Queen Stack Dryer 30LB(x2) Capacity ST0300DRG. You can rent or buy this appliance for laundry.


The Speed Queen stack dryer is more than your average laundry dryer. It perfectly dries clothes, ensuring there are no complaints. With the help of a special drying cycle and Axial Airflow pattern, the stack dryer prevents excessive drying and hence helps commercial laundry owners save money. However, Axial Airflow may cause burn marks on the rear of the drum. You can benefit from features such as innovation, durability, feasibility and perfectly dried clothes by investing in the Speed Queen stack dryer. With the stack dryer, you can get twice the drying capacity as ingle pocket dryers offer, that too in the compactness of an 18 lb. cylinder. It takes up the space of a single dryer but is equipped with the capacity to handle extra-large loads, which is perfect both financially and space wise. Features- Plenty of capacity to cater to a load of laundry- Hassle free loading and unloading.- The control panel is tilted to 10 degrees which gives more control visibility without the user having to bend down, hence enhancing user experience.- Extensive Tumble assists in eliminating wrinkles.- Maximized laundry control. Advantages- Space-Efficient: With a Speed Queen stack dryer, square footage is at a premium. Because the dryer is stacked, one on top of another, it makes the perfect solution for space problems in laundry businesses. The design is also convenient, which means the capacity is further doubled. Designed to enhance user experience, these two-in-one stacked dryers have conveniently located controls for both dryer and washer at the center of the machine to enable easy operation and access.- Durability: Speed Queen stack dryers are designed to deliver 30 years of uninterrupted, quality performance. They are just as efficient and high performance as stacked dryers you see in military bases and expensive hotels, Laundromats and for other commercial uses. The body structure of the dryer is made from metal. Speed Queen further carries out different quality checks to thoroughly test the reliability of performance and fix any types of malfunctions. All in all, the Speed Queen stack dryer will prove the perfect addition to your commercial laundry business, enabling you to facilitate customers better.

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